Preliminary Evaluation of STEM Retention and Introductory STEM Course Performance for Scots Science Scholars

Collaborative Research: Developing a Student Learning Strategy to Bridge Virtual Learning and Hands-on Activity in Organic Solar Energy Education

Peer-Led Team Learning in Psychology: Effectiveness and impact of collaborative learning for a diverse student body

Maureen Erber

Northeastern Illinois University

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Implementation of an Engineering-Based Retention Center and its Impact on Student Success

Optimizing student team skill development using evidence-based strategies

Bronco Scholar: An online hub for STEM student research

Enhancing the Pedagogy of Bio-inspired Design in an Engineering Curriculum

Situational Student Motivations in Introductory Chemistry Courses

Introducing Research Experiences at Community Colleges.

Pipeline to success for and retention of STEM students: Integrating assessment research and pedagogical practices to improve first-year student outcomes