Calculus for Elementary Teachers: An Innovative Project

Preparing to Teach Mathematics with Technology: An Integrated Approach

Fostering Active Learning in Statistics: Initial Findings about Graduate Teaching Assistants' Training Needs

Assessing Maplets for Calculus οΎ– Methods and Conclusions

The HILT-LAS Project: High Impact, Little Time activities that address Lexical Ambiguity in Statistics

Developing Undergraduate STEM Interest Through Web Page Development Linking Interesting Visual Images and Math

Research Based Video for Teaching Undergraduate ProofWe have developed an online video-library of more than 40 edited videos, each of 5 to 10 minutes in length, of college mathematics students determining the truth of new mathematical statements given to them, and then trying to prove their conjectures are true.In this presentation, we will show and discuss one of these videos. We will then discuss how students taking an introductory proof course are impacted by watching videos and the changes that occur in their professors' pedagogical techniques are generally students taking an introduction-to-proof course. In particular, these students increase both their problem solving skills and their writing and communication abilities, resulting in better trained and more productive mathematicians and computer scientists.


Broadening the impact and evaluating the effectiveness of randomization-based curricula for introductory statistics

Discovery Projects in Statistics: Development of Resources and Investigation of Implementation and Impact

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