Genre analysis of undergraduate theses: Uncovering different ways of writing and thinking in science disciplines

Our research is based on an innovative approach that integrates computational thinking and creative thinking in CS1 to improve student learning performance. Referencing Epsteinメs Generativity Theory, we designed and deployed a suite of creative thinking exercises with linkages to concepts in computer science and computational thinking, with the premise that students can leverage their creative thinking skills to モunlockヤ their understanding of computational thinking. In this paper, we focus on our studies on differential impacts of the exercises on different student populations. In our first study, we found that there was a linear モdosage effectヤ where completion of each additional exercise increased retention of course content. The impacts on course grades, however, were more nuanced. CS majors had a consistent increase for each exercise, while non-majors benefited more from completing at least three exercises. It was also important for freshmen to complete all four exercises. We did find differences between women and men but cannot draw conclusions. In our second study, we confirmed our prior findings that the computational creativity exercises positively impact student learning of computational thinking and CS knowledge and skills. Furthermore, we analyzed the students' learning profiles using the Implicit Theory of Intelligence and investigated how majors and non-majors differed in their learning behaviors.

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